Re: [Evolution] Automatic Update for Evolution

On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 10:46 -0400, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On 09/29/2009 09:17 AM, Barbara Tobias wrote:
Is there a way to have the update manager automatically download the
latest stable release of Evolution when it is doing other updates?
I am
using Evolution 2.26.1 under Ubuntu Linux 9.04.  I'm also relatively
to Linux and not very technically savvy.

Isn't this happening already? I don't use Ubuntu much but I would
imagine it gets any updated version of Evo the same as it does for

Right. 2.26.1 is the latest version with Ubuntu 9.04.

If you mean "why isn't the latest stable version of Evo (e.g. the
released 2.28) in the Ubuntu repositories" then that's a question for
the Ubuntu people.

This is one of the differences between Linux and Windows and is one of
the reasons Linux is more stable than Windows.  

The way it works is like this.  Ubuntu is your distribution.  9.04
(released in April of 2009, see the numbering scheme?) is your version
or release.  Ubuntu releases a version of the OS every 6 months, usually
April and October.  The next release, currently in Alpha, is 9.10.  

Leaving aside concepts like backports for now, at some point, a distro
release goes into version freeze, that is the software compiled to run
with it is frozen at a particular version.  With Ubuntu 9.04 and
Evolution, the Evo version is 2.26.  For 18 months from its April 2009
release, Ubuntu will release security updates to 2.26.  Bug fixes are
sometimes included, but only security fixes are promised.

To get the Evo 2.28 branch, you will need to upgrade your entire Ubuntu
to 9.10.  As you are new, I would wait until late November to do the
upgrade as 9.10 may have some bugs with some hardware when it is first

Some exceptions to the foregoing come with backports (where newer
versions of software are "backported" to an older release) and LTS (Long
Term Support) releases.  Ubuntu 8.04 is an LTS release.  These LTS
releases are geared toward production environments where the need for
stability trumps the need for the newest.

Hoep this helps.

Art Alexion
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