Re: [Evolution] Sig placement [Was: newbie questions]

On 09/28/09 00:00:12, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:

Excuse me for butting in on this thread, but as much as I'm aware of
'natural-ness' of bottom-posting and its usefulness for long threads,

Well, stick to bottom posting then. Point solved. ;-)

believe top-posting is still a relatively common general choice for

No, it has been introduced by MS lookout, ehhh outlook. Because the
majority is to lazy to reply to an email in the correct way, should
everybody do this? Furthermore, top-posting creates the opportunity to
send emails as is, without deleting unnecessary text. And thus, wastes
bandwidth (which is still limited...)

OT: If spam would be eliminated, bandwidth wouldn't be such an issue
anymore (for a while).

emails. While generality doesn't translate to correctness, shouldn't
such a choice be up to the user(s) who are in communication? Doesn't
seem the place of an email client to 'dictate' (in a minor sense) to
user the right way to send his/her mails.

Yes, it should. But, that's my - not so humble - opinion. ;-)

HTH, cu l8r, Edgar.

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