[Evolution] evolution 2.28.0 released!!

Hi all,
       Evolution team is happy and proud to announce the evolution
2.28.0 release. To give an overview of what the release provides,

â Google calendar will be available through Caldav interface by default

â Support for unmatched vfolder and creating vfolder using vfolders is
added back.

â Configurable date formats

â Selecting local ICal files as calendar sources

â Better Calendar cache

â Attachment bar rewrite

â GroupWise conversation threading

â GroupWise meeting retract/resend

â Tons of bug fixes

As many would know already, we branched evolution early in order to get
rid of bonobo. Am happy to see this from mbarnes!

We have already started working on the tasks identified for the 2.30.
Here is the summary of those tasks,

â Bonobo less Evolution

â EDS DBus port

â Exchange MAPI Improvements

â Mailer async operations (with IMAPX)

â GNOME 3.0 Cleanup

â Migrate go-evolution wiki contents to lgo and

â Quick steps for writing evolution plugins

â Disk summary regressions on vfolder

If you would like to get involved in any of the above mentioned work or
have some new ideas, we would be happy to guide. We need more people
getting involved in Evolution development!

This is a special release for myself and mbarnes as we have taken the
responsibility of maintainer-ship from this release.

Thanks to all the users, testers, developers, translators, bug masters,
distributors and everyone involved in the project.

Thanks, Chenthill.

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