[Evolution] How to be sure that evolution is connected to internet and exchange plugin works

Dear all,

I am new to both Linux and Evolution mail. I tried lots of times to make evolution mail 2.26 (installed in ubuntu jaunty9.04) work with Microsoft exchange server of my school but failed. After desperate google and past evolution mail lists digging, I found no solution to it. So, please help me out.

With evolution account assistant, after choosing "Microsoft exchange" as server type and input account name and server address, I clicked 'Authenticate' button and input my password. The little cute window saying "Could not connect to server:please check URL address....." will then poped out. No matter which server I tried, the same result I got.

Because working within school's network, the computer is connected to the internet through a proxy server. I have set it up using Ubuntu's "Network Proxy" and applied it system wild. I even deperately make evolution work with manually proxy settings. It changed nothing.

I also set up a hotmail account, and it failed to fetching mails. Debug logs says "could not connect to pop3.live.com".

I also checked plugins of evolution, found no exchange-server-related plugin. (Neither exchange MAPI nor evolution exchage, though both of them are shown in server types menu in Receiving Mails setting tab.) I manully installed evolution-exchange 2.26  for ubuntu through Synaptic Package Manager, but nothing's been changed in plugins list of evolution.

How can I make sure that evolution has correct connection to internet, and is the exchange plugin working?

Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,

Yaobo Xu

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