[Evolution] SOLVED: Removal of Junk/Unjunk buttons [Was: save button and shortcuts]

On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 08:31 -0400, Reid Thompson wrote:
On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 06:40 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2009-09-08 at 21:29 -0400, Jay Daniels wrote:
I need a save button in evo so when i click this save button, poof!  it
saved or actually moved to my "saved" folder automatically.
Furthermore, I would like to be able to edit the toolbar buttons.  At
least move that damn Junk button away from the Delete button.
Yes, that would be nice.  I just want to remove the *(&@*(* # Junk
Hey, what happen to the old style shortcuts like the ximian gnome
evolution? and what happened to the start screen with number of
messages, task, and weather?
I recall much debate about the removal of that feature;  it was dropped
a very long time ago (2.0?).
Q: What happened to the Summary in Evolution 2.0?
A: The user interface was redesigned in Evolution 2.0 and the Summary
was removed from the product. 
Q: Where is the Shortcut bar in Evolution 2.0?
A: The user interface was redesigned in Evolution 2.0 and the shortcut
bar was removed. 
The above is from
<http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/15262.html> which answers
the question but is itself scandalously out of date.
It seems Evolution in Ubuntu Hardy and Jaunty has been stripped of these
old features or in each new version they do away with something else.
I wish Evolution was the way it was...
I don't wish that;  Evolution is much more stable now than it was then.
I believe that the xml files in ..share/evolution/2.28/ui/ control the
menus ( 2.28 being my evo version ).
For me, evolution-mail-message.xml contains
  <placeholder name="MailMessageToolbar">
which contains buttons/actions that act on an email message
this is then referenced in
as to where it's placed on the ui interface itself.
Make copies of the files before you hack them.
Shutdown evo   evolution --force-shutdown
Change files
restart evo
repeat or revert


evolution --force-shutdown
cd /usr/share/evolution/2.24/ui/
cp  evolution-mail-message.xml ~
sudo vi evolution-mail-message.xml

Now the irritating Junk/Unjunk buttons are gone.  Woo Hoo!

$ diff -u ~/evolution-mail-message.xml evolution-mail-message.xml
--- /home/awilliam/evolution-mail-message.xml   2009-09-09
08:46:14.000000000 -0400
+++ evolution-mail-message.xml  2009-09-09 08:49:42.000000000 -0400
@@ -96,20 +96,6 @@
     <cmd name="MessageMarkAsUnimportant"
      _tip="Mark the selected messages as unimportant"/>
-    <cmd name="MessageMarkAsJunk"
-     _tip="Mark the selected messages as junk"
-     accel="*Control*j"
-     pixtype="pixbuf"/>
-    <cmd name="MessageMarkAsNotJunk"
-     _tip="Mark the selected messages as not being junk"
-     accel="*Control**Shift*j"
-     pixtype="pixbuf"/>
-    <cmd name="MessageFilterJunk"
-     _tip="Filter the selected messages for junk status"
-     pixtype="pixbuf"/>
     <cmd name="MailCompose"
      _tip="Open a window for composing a mail message"
@@ -352,11 +338,6 @@
             <menuitem name="MessageMarkAsImportant" verb=""
             <menuitem name="MessageMarkAsUnimportant" verb=""
-            <separator f="" name="emailmark2"/>
-            <menuitem name="MessageMarkAsJunk" verb="" _label="_Junk"/>
-            <menuitem name="MessageMarkAsNotJunk" verb="" _label="_Not
            <separator f="" name="emaillist2"/>
             <menuitem name="MessageFollowUpFlag" verb="" _label="Follow
@@ -365,7 +346,6 @@
           <menuitem name="MessageApplyFilters" verb="" _label="A_pply
-          <menuitem name="MessageFilterJunk" verb="" _label="Check for
         <placeholder name="MessageRuleCreate">
@@ -413,12 +393,6 @@
-      <toolitem name="MessageMarkAsJunk" verb=""
-       _label="Junk"
-       pixtype="pixbuf"/>
-      <toolitem name="MessageMarkAsNotJunk" verb=""
-       _label="Not Junk"
-       pixtype="pixbuf"/>
     <placeholder name="MailNextButtons">

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