[Evolution] save button and shortcuts

I need a save button in evo so when i click this save button, poof!  it
saved or actually moved to my "saved" folder automatically.

Furthermore, I would like to be able to edit the toolbar buttons.  At
least move that damn Junk button away from the Delete button.

Hey, what happen to the old style shortcuts like the ximian gnome
evolution? and what happened to the start screen with number of
messages, task, and weather?

It seems Evolution in Ubuntu Hardy and Jaunty has been stripped of these
old features or in each new version they do away with something else.

I wish Evolution was the way it was...


I envision the perfect email application that looks similar to exmh but
with an updated wideview look for todays widscreen monitors, maildir
support and a gtk look.  I would also like a gnome gtk2 theme that is
flat and looks somewhat like twm but with the standard min, max, and
close buttons.

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