Re: [Evolution] Confused about Trash folder / Expunging functions w/IMAP

On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 10:42 -0400, Philippe LeCavalier wrote:

I'm a little embarrassed to ask but can someone shed some light on the

I use IMAP in maildir format with my host(off-site). When I delete a
msg I get the expected strike-thru appearance. In order to actually
delete the msg I must Expunge manually. When it's "expunged" it
doesn't get moved to the Trash folder it gets permanently deleted. So
in order to make my folders more appealing I've selected the "hide
deleted messages" option. This works fine but I must remember to
expunge each and every folder on a regular basis to avoid exceeding my

Here's where I'm confused:

Does the "empty trash folders on exit" do more then it implies?

Do you have some reason to think this? What exactly are you seeing?

Is there another way to have Evo do this for me?

If you mean empty your trash folders on exit (or equivalently, expunge
all folders with deleted messages), then no.

What is everyone else doing?

I leave the deleted messages visible and expunge manually. I use Empty
Trash from time to time in case I've forgotten any. I don't like "empty
trash on exit". All these are personal preferences. There's no right or
wrong about them.


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