Re: [Evolution] Still having trouble configuring evolution to use outgoing mail server at port 587

On Fri, 2009-10-30 at 07:35 -0500, Leonard Evens wrote:
I have been trying to (A) configure my office machine (using RedHat) to 
act as an outgoing mail server using port 587 and (B) to configure 
evolution on my home machine (Fedora 11) for sending email through
my office machine.

I think I've managed to configure on the office machine
to use port 587. 
nmap office-machine
run on my home machine yields (among other things)
25/tcp    filtered smtp
587/tcp   open     submission
(I need the 25/tcp so my office machine continues to accept other
incoming mail so as to act as a mail transfer agent.)

Are you sure that sendmail is actually listening on the right port (nmap
just says that *something* is listening)? Are you sure that the Evo
machine is sending to the same port? Try telnetting to that port and see
if you get the SMTP greeting.

But I can't configure evolution to send mail using my office
machine.  Nothing I try works.

You need to be more explicit. What have you tried? How does it fail?


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