Re: [Evolution] top versus bottom posting and the"control-L"function

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 14:57 -0400, Derek McDaniel wrote:
They get confused and it makes more work
for me to try and explain it. 90% of all users I email use top post
for mailing lists.

You can minimize that confusion with proper trimming.  With Evo (to get
this back on topic), trimming is easy because all you have to do is
select your quote before hitting reply.

I noticed that you did not trim at all.  That may be the reason for your
readers' confusion.

Posting from Outlook. Couldn't get Evo to stop crashing on me long enough to
use it. I'm sure its something to do with what I installed later but I have
my build exactly how I want it and I can't be bothered with changing it
right now.

Plus, I prefer not to trim because if I am on my BB, and I didn't read the
first post, I can read the middle and understand the gist of everything.

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