Re: [Evolution] top versus bottom posting and the "control-L"function

El día martes, octubre 20, 2009 a las 02:32:59 -0400, Ben May escribió:

All this discussion of top versus bottom posting got me thinking. If
there's ALREADY a function in evolution specifically for replying to
mailing lists, couldn't we add configurations where you set:

For regular reply or reply-to-all: {Use top posting / Use bottom
For reply-to-mailing lists (ie: control-L): {use top posting / use
bottom posting}

Why do you think that top posting to non-mailing-list recipients
is a good idea (and that some clueless or careless or others
are doing that this is no real argument)?

Its much easier to top post to non-mailing list clients. You need to
realize, most people are not computer savy and don't care about the
"netiquette" as much as Linux users do. I wont bottom post to a client or
anyone that's not on an email list. They get confused and it makes more work
for me to try and explain it. 90% of all users I email use top post except
for mailing lists.

Just a thought. :)

Really a thought? :-)

Matthias Apitz
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