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ti., 13.10.2009 kl. 08.52 +0100, skrev Alpar Juttner:
I understand that you don't like top posting (neither do I), but is that
indeed _so much of a hassle_ for you that you feel entitled to advise
people rather not to post if they can only do top posting? And/or advise
them to change their cell phone (btw. to an otherwise much worse one)
just because of this top posting issue?


Legitimate question, I think. The thing is, once you start to loosen up
on netiquette and common curtosy, things get ugly very quickly. If
you've spent a little time on IRC recently, for example, you'll agree
that the number of dyslexics there are striking. In some networks, on
some channels, more than 80% have dyslexia these days, it seems. They
don't, of course. They just say they do, because if they say that,
people nod understandingly and stop complaining about their terrible
language. And the lazy kids see that, and think: "hey, who on IRC can
prove I _don't_ have dyslexia?". I hope my point is becoming obvious:
there is nothing more contagious than a bad habit. 

If we stop caring about netiquette because people use bad MUAs, then
that's an excuse. "My client can't do it" turns into "It's a lot of work
in my client", then "I don't know how in my client" and then, "Who
cares". And if the users doesn't care, why should the developers? This
is not a good situation. The norm is easily contaminated on the

I'm sorry you have a bad client, and I'm saddened to hear that your
employer forces you to use bad tools in your work. I don't think the
rest of the world should help covering up their mistakes, though. Web
designers have been doing that for years, with that browser from that
company, and what is the result? New webdesigners are educated to write
poor quality markup in order to conform to the contaminated norm. 


Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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