Re: [Evolution] Changing Port 25 to Port 587

On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 15:46 -0700, John Maxwell wrote:
My ISP (Verizon) changed the rules for sending email. They now require 
using port 587 to send email instead of the default port 25. I have made 
the change on my 2 windows machines using Eudora 7 with ease but getting 
Evolution to work has been a problem. It still received email but will 
not send. I have changer the SMTP server name to include :587 at the end 
but still no luck. I am running Ubuntu 8.1o on the desktop and 8.04 on 
the netbook with the same results.

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Hi John,

I use port 587 on my Hardy 8.04 for an msn account.  (
But I do also use TLS instead SSL encryption to make it work. You might
want to try that. At first when I tried using SSL it didn't work.
Switching to TLS made it work. 

Good luck

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