Re: [Evolution] Reply-To: field on the evolution list

On Sun, 2009-10-11 at 16:08 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
If you want the message to go to the mailing list, hit "Reply To
List" (Ctrl-L), not "Reply to All", that will make your reply go to
proper place as derived from the mail headers and makes sure the
you are replying to doesn't get two copies.  (Another bit of
that seems to be forgotten about.)

Thanks for the magic.  I'll use it in the future.  What would be
*really* nice would be for evolution (this list is about evolution) to
have a icon for this purpose in the panels at the top of the windows.
What would be *really* *really* nice would be to allow the user to
choose which icons appear in these panels.

Possibly you can get this by editing some XML file somewhere, but it
would be overwritten the next time you updated Evo. There is an
outstanding request (from many years ago) for user-configurable keyboard
shortcuts, which for some reason never seem to get any attention from
the devels. I guess once they do that then a customizable icon bar
(which Firefox and Thunderbird already have) would be next.


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