Re: [Evolution] Thank you for the fixes in 2.28 + personal top-10 wishlist for future Evo releases.

On Fri, 2009-11-27 at 03:49 +0000, Nick Jenkins wrote: 
Hi all,


Just getting ready to upgrade my main workstation from Evo 2.26 to 2.28

Good luck with that.  There's a few bug fixes in BZ that you might want
to cherry pick for your upgrade.

thank you to the developers (especially Milan, who is
ceaselessly busy!

Yes, indeed.  I am sure everyone is very busy, but Milan is ever so
visible to me and deserves a big thanks from me for he appears to (and I
am second thinking saying it aloud for fear of jinxing things) have
squashed the one or two really PIMA bugs that been causing major
instability (read: crashes) here.  Much thanx Milan (and all)!!

== Personal Top-10 wish-list of Evo things I'd like to see fixed ==

Bug 413618 - Undo for tasks, notes and appointments -
Bug 349397 - No text/calendar (.ics) handling - 
Bug 594444 â Appointments/Meetings of 0 minutes length do not show in the calendar. -
Bug 328633 - drag & drop for moving events in the month view (and other views) -
Bug 200683 - Evolution: Spell check does not spell check an email's subject line -
Bug 561140 - Evolution: Add spell check for calendar meetings. -
Bug 551464 - Evolution: Make copy/paste of files into draft Evolution emails insert attachments, not the 
file path as text. -
Bug 523775 - Order of Email Addresses broken -
Bug 582591 â Images very slow to load and display in emails -
Bug 565403 - Evolution: Do not bold folder when subfolder with unread messages is already expanded. -

I only wish my complaints/issues of recent were of such a "usability
irritations" nature.

No offence, and I am sure you are itchy enough from your issues, but I
sure hope crashers are top of the priority list.


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