[Evolution] Subject: Re: Suggestions that would make it possible for me to fully migrate to Linux via Evolution

On 11/20/2009 Bryan Karlan wrote:

>  I am a power-user of Outlook and am interested in fully migrating

>  to Ubuntu and Evolution.  I have tried Outlook with Wine, but that

>  was a waste of time.  I push Outlook to the limits and am hesistant

>  to purchase a $300 copy of a full install of Windows7 Ultimate and a

>  $500 copy of Office 2010 in 6 months.  I believe that Linux has

>  become a real alternative for a business user and because of this I

>  have joined your site to offer some advice that would improve the

>  usability of Evolution.




Just because you can push Outlook to technical limits doesn't mean it is

is good idea to do so.  Please avoid HTML and unnecessary graphics in

technical lists.


Now, tell us some things about your set up.  What will you be using as a

backend?  IMAP? POP? Exchange?  If Exchange, what version?  Will you be

connecting to the mail server over the LAN or WAN?



Art Alexion

MIS/Central Office Support

Resources for Human Development




I can’t seem to figure out how to respond to your posting in the archive list, so I am cut and pasting our conversation into a new email with my original subject line in this email’s subject line.  If this is not how to respond, please let me know.


I do not have Exchange.  I don’t know what you mean by backend.  I use three separate POP server accounts, one is a Yahoo account and the others are two business accounts with domain names via Yahoo.


I have two machines at home for my business, a desktop and a laptop.  They are networked and both Outlook’s open the same file on a separate harddrive.  This way I can view the same account on both machines, just not at the same time.


However, this is really not relevant to the issues I mentioned in my email, which pertain to display, grouping and sort options primarily.




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