Re: [Evolution] connect Evolution 2.28 to MS exchange 2007 on Fedora 12

On Tue, 2009-11-24 at 09:32 -0500, Art Alexion wrote:
Thanks, Milan.  Worked like a charm.


Suggestions for LDAP?

As far as I know the GAL is working there only, I use:
secure: no encryption
login method: DN
Login: mcrha
search base: ou=people
scope: sub

Last question, is it true that caldav will not support shared public 
folder calendars?  I am used to having two running with evo-exchange,
my personal and the departmental.

I'm not sure what kind of support you mean. And is this about CalDAV or
CalDAV through DAVMail? You know, DAVMail is "only" hiding the exchange
bits behind friendlier protocols like POP/IMAP/CalDAV/LDAP. What ever it
is able to pass to CalDAV, you should be able to use with any CalDAV
capable client. Similar for other protocols. Thus it's probably rather
question on DAVMail developers.

If it was question for CalDAV in general, then if server supports it,
and your 'boss' is sharing the calendar with you, then you should be
able to write something like:
but login with your username instead of boss'. It's all about the
correct URL and login credentials, from evolution-data-server's point of

There is a plan to support fetching available calendars from a server,
to make live easier on creation of CalDAV calendars, but it's question
for future. And as you mentioned exchange, I guess it's nothing you are
interested in at the moment.


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