Re: [Evolution] connect Evolution 2.28 to MS exchange 2007 on Fedora 12

On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 08:35 +0100, Jean-Claude Tergal wrote:
2009/11/19 L <yuanlux gmail com>:
One of main reasons for upgrade  F11 to F12 was to hope to connect
evolution 2.28 to Exchange 2007. After a smooth upgrade to F12. I
tried to connect evolution 2.28 with evo-mapi to M$ exchange server.
no luck at all, it crashed every time. The insttiute's exchange server
does not open imap port.   i you have sucessful connection, please
share with me

I have a successful connection, but my compagny is using Exchange 2003
; and the evolution-exchange RPM of Mandriva 2010 says "Currently,
only Exchange 2000 and 2003 are supported". So, it seems that Exchange
2007 is not supported at all ; I think you have to stay with
VirtualBox, or use the bloody Outlook Web Access in Firefox.

Strasbourg (France)

I have a successful connection with Exchange 2007. Evo-mapi crashes
immediately in release 2.28.0, you need 2.28.1 where the fixes are. I'm
not familiar with F12 or indeed anything about Fedora, but you may need
to talk to the maintainer of gnome/evolution/evo-mapi for your distro.

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