[Evolution] Evolution and Exchange 2010 Archive Feature

I'm new in the mailing-list of evolution, I work as Enterprise Messaging as a role of support organization (in a direction in a french ministery). We will migrate to Exchange 2010. (In order to deploy the archive feature).
I'm not "source code-friendly" with the product Evolution but i 've read, roughly speaking, that Evolution uses web-services of Microsoft and Webdav for the Exchange Connector. We have been told to make a studie on different messaging client and especially one of them is Evolution.
Could you help me to answer some questions :
     - Where to find a technical documentation on how Evolution work, generally and specially with Exchange.
     - Will Evolution work with Exchange 2010 (Microsoft announced that Webdav will slowly disapear in the profit of Exchange Webservices)
     - Do you know, if in the future version, Evolution will interface with the archive feature or the archive feature will remain only to Mcrosoft ? 
Eventually, could you give me some news, contacts, resources to know more about Evolution and Exchange 2010, I know it's a bit early to answer some of my questions but deploying Evolution in a part of french government could be a good advertise for your product!! 
Thanks a lot.
PS : Sorry for my english

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