Re: [Evolution] How to hide IMAP folders and force custom view?

On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 20:10 +0100, skx skxinski wrote:
I have two small problems with Evolution UI that I can't solve:

1. How to force custom view for all folders?
How to make my custom view (View -> Current Views -> Define View) a
default one for all folders local or in IMAP accounts unless I
explicitly select a different one? 

the default view is Messages for most of the folders. What you can do is
to either save your custom view (customized in one folder) as Messages
and then all folders will be shown the same, or you can save your view
as a new one and select that view in all your folders (View->Current
View-><your view>). Maybe you consider it a pain, especially for many
folders, but note you will do that only once (until you change your view
in that folder and will not save it).

2. How to hide selected folders?
When selecting subscription folders (Folder -> Subscriptions...) the
deselected ones are hidden from the folder pane, which is a very nice
feature. Unfortunately after restarting Evolution they are being shown
again and clutter this pane. How to hide folders in IMAP accounts, or
just any folders? 

You probably have it, but check if Edit->Preferences->Mail
Accounts-><imap account>->Edit->"Receiving Options" tab, option "Show
only subscribed folders" is checked. But as Adam noted in the other
mail, server can influence this, it can force the folder subscription on
its own (it can deny unsubscribe, thus next start, when evolution checks
for a new folders, it is told the folder is subscribed).

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