Re: [Evolution] One folder suddenly messed up

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 12:30 -0500, Carpet Nailz wrote:
One of my folders has somehow gotten messed up. About a month's worth of
emails are missing, although the titles show in the list of emails. But
when I click on the titles I get connected to a very different piece of
mail. That is, for about the month prior to when the emails are missing,
the titles in the email list aren't correctly linked to the emails: I
open an email with subject line saying 'x' but the title bar at the top
says 'y'.

I suspect that something went wrong when I was deleting trash--or moving
from this folder to trash.

Anyway I have a rdiff-backup that includes the entire .evolution folder.
But I'm not sure about the best way to go about restoring from that. Can
I just restore the one folder that has gotten messed up? (The mail
folders look like separate documents in the .evolution folder, but I
don't think they really are.)


Update: I'm getting "Error while storing folder
'.#evolution/Junk'." This similar error message appeared
before the folder mess up referred to in my prior posting.

Is there something to fix what's happening in Evolution? (Running on openSuse with all updates).

(By the way, I was able to successfully replace that messed up folder
with the one from my rdiff-backup, tho there was a week's gap between
the last backup and when the mess-up occurred.)

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