Re: [Evolution] Sending a reply to someone using Yahoo Mail

On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 02:52 -0500, jim wrote:
Hi For some reason when I try replying to emails of a friend who uses
Yahoo mail. I can't get Evo to do a line break.
ie. if I try to enter text after one of his comments Evo. automatically
inserts a > if I'm doing plain text or a | if I'm doing HTML mail. This
means it is hard to tell whether it is text I typed as a reply or text I
am replying to since both have the reply character in front of them. I'm
using EVo 2.26 on Kubuntu? Any ideas how to fix this? IT only seems to
happen with a Yahoo email address???

It's a combination of things - crap HTML emails sent out by Yahoo (in
order to fit their advertising in they enclose the message in various
tables etc.) and an Evo editor that is less than optimal when composing
replies to HTML messages involving tables.

There are moves to change the editor that Evo uses (or there are plugins
around to use an external editor - never tried them though), I believe
that is destined for 2.32 or 2.34 (or something).  You could also
persuade your friend to use a more standards compliant mail host :-)


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