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On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 18:28 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 21:25 +0000, Kelly J. Morris wrote:
Greetings - I'm getting ready to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.x on a newer
computer. But, just as I'm getting ready, my "Sent" folder in Evolution has disappeared and the incoming mail to one of my mail
accounts is ending up in the "Trash" folder. I seem to remember having
the first problem ages ago using Red Hat but not the second.

I'd appreciate advise on what to do.

While telepathy can be fun, perhaps it would be best to start by telling
us something about your setup.

Patrick - My apologies. My house is undergoing major repairs all around
me and I'm a bit rattled.

 What kind of accounts (POP, IMAP,
Exchange, other?) 

I have 10 POP accounts but only 2 or 3 have high traffic levels.

and where is the Sent folder (local, remote?). Have
you checked the Default settings in Edit->Preferences<account>?

Aha! I went into my "Preferences" where I found that the default
destination for sent mail had been changed to a "Sent" mail folder
(containing all the "lost" messages) that is a sub-folder to a folder
that I created in my InBox, leaving the original "Sent" mail folder in
my InBox empty. I did not create this new "Sent" sub-folder neither did
I transfer the messages to it. I reset my preferences to "Default" and
sent a test mail, which functioned correctly. I then moved all the
messages back to the InBox "Sent" folder where they belong and deleted
the offending "Sent" sub-folder.

How did this happen and how can I prevent this from happening in the

Many thanks. Kelly
Kelly J. Morris <kjmlists comcast net>

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