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Tim McConnell
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Dear colleagues:
On Tue, 2009-11-17 at 03:45 -0500, Jeremy Bennett wrote: 
> I'm running Evolution 2.26.3 under Fedora 11.
> I notice that send & receive frequently hangs when getting mail from my
> two most active POP3 accounts.
> The curious thing is that it invariably hangs when fetching message 12.
> This has been going on for some time, including with older versions of
> Evolution under Fedora 9.
> I can request the transfer to be cancelled, and it will show "failed at
> message 12 of xxx" (but still show "Fetching Mail (...)", or it will
> eventually time out. Once it has timed out, send & receive will retrieve
> the rest of the mail (possibly hanging at message 12 again).
> Has anyone else seen this behavior?
> I'd like to file a bug report. When this behavior happens, how can I get
> Evolution to terminate with trace information to attach to the bug
> report?
> Advice much appreciated.
> Jeremy

FWIW, my university just switched from a sendmail server to Microsoft
Exchange Server and now I am seeing the phenomenon reported by Jeremy.
I never saw this happen with the sendmail server.
(I am using POP2 and evolution 2.12.3 because locked in to RedHat 5.)
In my case, Evolution stalls usually on mail #26.  Upon cancelling and
restarting, it downloads the rest of the email OK.  So anyone looking
to debug this might see whether it is something specific to the way
Microsoft implements the POP protocol.
Best to all,
George Reeke

There is a link in FAQ ( , Section 3.4 ) on how to get the debug information.
But that link is missing a few steps for Fedora and doesn't give an easy way to get the GDB output. It also claims Bug Buddy will gather the crash or hang, but in my experience you need to install the debug packages to get useful information from Bug Buddy when the crash does happen (I filed bug about it). 
So at a terminal as root type debuginfo-install evolution and hit enter.
It will download alot of packages so a Internet connection better than dial-up is really good here.
When it is done, open a new terminal or use Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in as the user having the issue.
Type evolution --force-shutdown  press enter.
Type gdb evolution | tee /home/Jermey/Desktop/evogdboutput.txt and press enter.
Type run and press enter.
If you went the ctrl+alt+ F2 route press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get back to the GUI and hit send receive and see if the error happens again. When it does switch back to the other screen and see if you have a something in the output of GDB.
If GDB tells you it needs more debug info packages go back to the GUI and see if the txt file has those packages listed copy and paste the command and packages in the root terminal and allow to download and retry.
if it shows a failure type "where" (just to ensure it is able to get the processes that have the errors) and press enter.
Then type "bt" and then quit and "y" pressing enter each time of course.
exit the command line and go back to the gui and submit the txt file to bugzilla.  Hope that helps and isn't too discouraging.

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