Re: [Evolution] deleting ~/.evolution/cache/

On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 20:44 -0700, Andrew Ziem wrote:
When Evolution is not running, could deleting the files in
~/.evolution/cache/ cause random contacts to disappear?  

even it's called cache, and there is some effort to move it to ~/.cache,
then the remote calendars like CalDAV have there the local cache of the
remote calendar, and when you delete it, then next start it'll fetch the
whole calendar, instead of just items which changed. Though if your
users ask for that, then that's their choice.

I never heard about lost contact. Might be because evolution-data-server
was running, having opened the cache file and you made changes there
meanwhile. Hard to tell when your reporter is not willing to tell you
what address book he is using.

Just be sure you'll stop all evolution related processes before making
any change in the ~/.evolution directory (or in evolution related
files). Otherwise strange things can happen. (Evolution related
processes are basically all having name "evolution*".)

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