Re: [Evolution] evolution always starts offline

hi felix, 
we had a similar thread some days ago. At the origin of the problem is network manager who does not touch 
static IP adresses. As a consequence Evo sees that there is no actual network controlled by Network Manager 
and thus assumes that there isnot any network at all. This behaviour might change with updates to come. So 
far the removal of Network Manager seems the best way to have Evo start online

Hope this helps

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Datum: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 19:07:07 +0100
Von: Felix Koop <fdp fkoop de>
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Betreff: [Evolution] evolution always starts offline


I don't know why, but evolution for me always starts offline. I have a
staic IP address, so network connections are not the problem. Even if I
start evolution, go online manually, stop evolution and start it again,
it will start offline. Going online via the icon on the lower left hand
corner works without any problem. Anyone with any idea why it won't
start in online mode?

Kind regards, Felix

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