[Evolution] Problems with Contacts

Just installed 2.28.1, under Karmic Koala.(Ubuntu 9.10)

Thought I had the Contacts files brought over in good order, but there
are several individual ones missing, and *all* of the Contact Lists  are
completely hashed. None are usable. And when I attempted
to create a new Contacts List tonight, it gave me a completely
uninformative error message and refused to file the new list.

When I tried to enter an individual contact just now, it gave me
the same error box.

Is there a trick under 2.28.1 to making the Contacts work? 

I've looked through the docs, and so far have not found any warnings
about this area. Mine is not a complicated installation; I do not
have multiple address books, I am not connecting to any sort of
exchange server or LDAP, and there are no other users on my system.
About the most I have ever needed to do with Contacts, besides
the basic address book of individuals, is maintain a dozen or so Lists
ranging from 5 to 15 names each, of small groupings that I need to
mail to now and then. Evo apparently wants me to have to re-enter every
single one of those from scratch.

BTW I still have not found out what Evo did to an entire Inbox of
several hundred messages, 23 of them unread, that just disappeared
yesterday. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be using it at all at
this rate.



W. Brewster Gillett             bg fdi us            Portland, OR  USA
Simply because you don't like to hear it, that doesn't make it untrue.

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