Re: [Evolution] Searching Current Message

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 07:13 -0600, Barbara Tobias wrote:
I just downloaded version 2.28.1 (running under Ubuntu Linux version
9.10) and find that when I try to search the current message (useful
when reading specific questions in list mailings), that option is no
longer available.  I can get only "Current Folder, All Folders, or All
Accounts."  Has it moved somewhere else?  Thank you.

I removed the "Current Message" option from the top drop-down menu
because I felt it was confusing to use the same UI for two different
search contexts (one context being the message list, the other context
being the currently shown message).  Also, "Edit -> Find in Message"
seemingly did nothing unless you were watching very closely.

Instead, the same menu item and shortcut key now open a Firefox-style
search bar in the preview pane, which is more noticeable and familiar
looking.  It also makes the search UI consistent in both the preview
pane and the message reading window.

Matthew Barnes

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