Re: [Evolution] Strangeness with Gmail IMAP

Patrick O'Callaghan, Sat, 30 May 2009 10:29:08 -0430:
Never seen that, but I doubt it's special to Gmail.

It isn't ... they happen to me from time to time with both IMAP (non-
GMail) and even Local Mails. Sometimes they evaporate on restart.

They aren't issues. You need to understand how Trash and Junk are
implemented in Evolution. Neither of these is a real folder, which is
why they don't show up in the web client. See
(Junk is similar).

Couldn't we somehow make Evolution understand these weird IMAP servers 
(it's not only GMail, but our company's Zimbra has many strange folders 
as well)? It seems that actually GMail is one of the few public mail 
servers which can be persuaded to work correctly with Evolution's CORRECT 
behavior vis-a-vis deleting emails on IMAP (i.e., not moving the email to 
Trash folder, but labelling the message as \Deleted).


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