Re: [Evolution] Strangeness with Gmail IMAP

On Sat, 2009-05-30 at 06:17 -0700, timzak wrote:
Using Evolution 2.26.1 in Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit.

I noticed a strange, unnamed folder, which I cannot identify or delete and
is only visible in Evolution, not in Gmail's web client.  You can
right-click and select Delete, but it does not in actuality get deleted.  It
is the blue highlighted folder in the following image: Screenshot-1.png   

When I right-click and select Properties for the folder within Evo, I get
the following information: Screenshot.png 

Never seen that, but I doubt it's special to Gmail.

Also, I noticed a couple of other things, while not show-stopping, can be
annoying.  Are there solutions?  They are:
1) I cannot delete the local Junk folder within my Gmail account.  Gmail
uses it's own folder, SPAM, for junk, so I would like to delete the
redundant folder.  I cannot see this Junk folder within the web client, so
it appears to be generated locally by Evolution.
2) There are two Trash folders.  Gmail uses an IMAP folder, and there
appears to be another Trash folder that Evolution creates locally.  In the
following picture, the blue highlighted Trash folder is the one that Gmail
does NOT use (Gmail uses the one at the top of this screenshot).  It appears
to be locally created and undeleteable.  Below the last IMAP folder, you can
see the Junk folder I mentioned in number 1 above, as well as the additional
Trash folder: Screenshot-2.png 

Are these known issues (perhaps with Gmail and not Evo?)?  Are there ways of
removing the redundancy or killing the unlabled folder?

They aren't issues. You need to understand how Trash and Junk are
implemented in Evolution. Neither of these is a real folder, which is
why they don't show up in the web client. See (Junk is similar).


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