Re: [Evolution] using skype

I suggest adding a button to dial from the contact list using skype

Good idea, could maybe be generalised a bit though. Suggest logging a
bug in , requesting a "dial/chat" button next
to each non-blank phone number / instant chat field, which dials the
number / initiates an instant chat, using skype / ekiga / pidgin / or
whatever the user has configured.

I.e. "dial from the contact list using skype" is one specific instance
of "open a real-time communication channel with this person, using the
appropriate method, based on their contact information in Evolution", so
better to make it as general as possible from the start.

Mark that bug as depending on , which is for adding
skype + VoIP as valid Instant Messaging / Telephone types in the Contact
editor. (On the question of VoIP against contacts, it does seem that
there's a "Video Chat" field under Contact -> "Personal Information" ->
"Web addresses" which supports callto:// urls ... but it's misnamed I
think because it supports non-video VoIP; it's misplaced because it
should be just another type of telephone number, listed with all the
other types of phone numbers, instead of a "web address"; and it's not
general enough because it doesn't allow for distinct work VoIP versus
home VoIP; but I digress...)

-- All the best,

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