Re: [Evolution] using skype

On Mon, 2009-05-25 at 12:05 +0200, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:

Skype, of all things. Why would you want a button for a play-phone
service, when you can get _real_ voip with Ekiga, which is free and
like Evolution, part of GNOME?

Well, duh. Obviously it's because Oprah uses Skype.  Get with the
program Sonny.  :-)

On a more serious note, yes there is Ekiga, but what does that
(successfully) interop with for your Windows (or OSX for that matter)

Crap like Skype gets market and mind share because they "just
work" (well for Windows users anyway).  When Linux "just works" (which
it does not, by a far cry), perhaps it will capture mind and market
share too.


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