Re: [Evolution] Composer window disappears in time intervals

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 14:34 -0400, Josà Alburquerque wrote:
Hi.  I'm not subscribed to this list but I need a little help.  I've
been using evolution for a few months since I switched from icedove.
Presently, I'm running debian unstable and this may be the cause of the
problems, but it doesn't seem that this should be happening even if I'm
running unstable.

The problem is that every time I compose an e-mail, after a certain
amount of time the composer window disappears.  To get my mail back, I
have to restart evolution and recover the unfinished message.  It seems
that evolution is running something in the background and something
causes the composer window to disappear.  Would anyone here have any
idea what's happening?  Should I file a bug about this?  I'd really
appreciate any help.  Thanks so much.

the only time-interval related thing, I can think of, can be an
auto-save feature, though it is not supposed to close your composer

Could you try to run evolution from console and check whether there's
anything new when the window disappears?

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