[Evolution] how/when does evolution-data-server gets started

sorry for the basic question, but in my system (Ubuntu 9.04) I noticed that evolution-data-server was not run 
automatically -- contacts were not working.

So now I wrote a little script to:

1 - start evolution-data-server
2 - wait 5 seconds
3 - start evolution

But that seems wrong, evolution probably should start evolution-data-server by itself.

Do you guys know what could be wrong, or which steps I could make to find out ?

Should evolution-data-server be started in the beginning of my session, when I log in and open X ?

many thanks in advance for for any help or pointers!
- jan

ps.: i checked the documentation and searched for related bugs but couldn't find anything, so something tells 
me that I'm doing something stupid that I can't figure out.

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