Re: [Evolution] problem on setting applications to open attachments

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 10:31 -0300, Ricardo SAMUEL Goldstein wrote:
Using Evolution 2.26.1 and Ubuntu 9.04, when I click on an attachment,
a Reader/Word (.doc) file for instance, it tries to open it with the
standard text editor instead of the OpenOffice Reader and it returns
an error. To work around this I have to right-click on top of the file
and use the "open with" option. Is there anyway to configure a
standard automatic application for each kind of file ? The last
version of Evolution didn't have this problem, it chose the right
application for the attached file always. 

You can manage this through Nautilus.  Save the file somewhere and
right-click on it in a Nautilus window.  Click Properties and go to the
Open With tab.  There you can set the default application for files of
that type.  Should work properly from then on.

Matthew Barnes

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