Re: [Evolution] Annoying Bug/Teiken

On Tue, 2009-05-05 at 12:52 +0100, AlpÃr JÃttner wrote:
Brewster chimes in.

Whether they realize it or not, it can also be very annoying for 
their recipients who are among the security-conscious who have their
emailers optioned to *not* translate HTML.

I do not believe HTML should be used in emails.  

Lots of people suggest this, but I've never heard a satisfactory advice
on what to use instead. Could you tell me how to send someone say a
simple table if not in HTML? In a .doc or .xls file? HTML is at least
standardized, cross-platform and directly supported by contemporary mail
clients and web-mail services.

Security vs comfort. There are valid reasons for using HTML in email,
it's just that they don't apply in 99% of the messages one sees.

And they *never* apply to messages on mailing lists such as this one.


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