[Evolution] Evolution 2.26.1 + evolution-exchange 2.26.0 really slow

Hi Folks:

I recently upgraded by Ubuntu install to 9.04, and thus Evolution to 2.26.1.  I've been using evolution for about a year now, with evolution-exchange to talk to a single account on an  exchange server.  I have it the account currently setup to "check for new messages in all folders".  Post upgrade, noticed that evolution is really slow when scanning for changed messages in folders, refreshing a folder and downloading mail for offline viewing.  To put this in perspective, prior to upgrade, scanning for new/changed messages would take > 1 minutes.  Post-upgrade, it takes about 15 minutes if I'm lucky.

I tried to do my homework, and looked through the archives and bug reports, and the only one I came across was this:


I tried the work-around (vacuum script), but doesn't do anything for me.  Looking at the bug, I'm not even sure whether the fix is available in 2.26.1.  If it is, then I guess I have another issue here - any help will be greatly appreciate here.


P.S. Secondary issue:  I also don't see new mail show up in my folders (I can confirm that the folders indeed have new mail by checking OWA), unless I refresh the folder by clicking on the folder, or do a full send-receive (not sure if this is related to http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=571206), or if this is normal behaviour that being hidden by the extremely quick send/receive pre-upgrade.

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