Re: [Evolution] Errors When Viewing Mail

I've been there too.

1) upgrade -- 2.24.x is fixed
or (I'm assuming you're in the in-box with view selected as unread)
2) use v-folder (search folder)  with folder view =  'view all'.   Search filter is "all unread"
3) turn off  "mark as read after N seconds" in mail pref's. , & use Ctl-K to mark as read

Pretty much what's hat's happening is the fie is being auto-marked read just after it opens and you selected 'view  unread' for the folder, so it goes away.


On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 16:54 -0400, steven sprague wrote:
When I double click on a single message (not using message preview) the
mail viewer opens, I see the message for a second and then the display
is a blank message / page.

If I go back and use the preview message (Ctrl-M) function I get the
split screen and can see the message fine. Can you tell me what's
happened to the program to stop allowing me a new window view of single

If there is a fix point me in the right direction.

Using Evolution 2.12.3 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5.2



Steven L. Sprague, PMP®, CSM
Mobile: 919.672.9621
Email: steven sprague-enterprises com

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