Re: [Evolution] Configuring keyboard shortcuts

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 11:30 +0000, AlpÃr JÃttner wrote:
Is it possible to change or remove some of the default keyboard
shortcuts in evolution?

In particular, I would like to get rid of the Ctrl+Return shortcut of
message sending as I pressed it by accident a couple of times and caused
me awkward situations. I use this function only once for a mail, so I
can live without the keyboard shortcut.

If you're using Evolution 2.24 or later, then yes.
Mouse over the "File -> Send" menu entry and press Delete.

Note that shortcut editing currently only works for the message composer
and appointment/task/memo editor windows.  The main window still relies
on BonoboUI, which doesn't support shortcut editing.  But I'm working on
that.  :)

Your shortcut changes will be stored in ~/.gnome2/accels/evolution.
Just delete the file to restore all the defaults.

Matthew Barnes

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