Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.26 released

The easiest way to build your own Evolution:

1. install the libpst from the PPA (or download the sources from REVU,
and build & install it locally).
2. 'sudo apt-get build-dep evolution' (this will install *all* build
dependencies for Evolution)
3. 'sudo apt-get -b source evolution' (this will download the source
Evolution package, and immediately build it. It will take some time).
4. The result of the build will be a series of '.deb's on the directory.
Install them: 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb. You do not need to install the .ddeb.
5. restart Evolution.
I followed the steps and built and installed evolution. But the plug in was not shown in evolution by default. So I copied the plugin from /usr/local/src/evolution-2.26.0/plugins/pst-import to /usr/lib/evolution/2.26/plugins.

It does show up in the plugs menu but i still don't see the Outlook PST file import from the import wizard.


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