Re: [Evolution] problems creating rules from existing messages

On Fri, 2009-03-13 at 17:23 -0700, Donald Raikes wrote:

I just setup evolution on my new ubuntu 8.10 box. 
I have 2 mail accounts, and I want to filter all message for the
non-default account into a folder.

So I selected a flder in the inbox to the secondary account, then went
to messages -> create rule from message filter on recipients.

I double-checked that the filter criteria were correct, and selected an
action for move to folder. I clicked the click here to select a folder
button, located the desired folder in the tree, and clicked "ok".

The desired folder shows up in the text field to the left of the remove
button, so I tabbed to the ok button and clicked it.

Evolution then said missing folder selection. and closed me out to the
inbox again.  have tried this several times with the same results each

I've never seen this. Does it happen with every possible target folder?
What if you create a new test folder and try again? Does it matter if
the folder is local or remote?


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