Re: [Evolution] Junk handling wishlist

Paul Smith wrote:

> 3. bogofilter said the message was 50% ham, and the message has not been
>    learned.

Are you sure that's how it works?  How did you discover that?

I'm sure that's how it works, at least for me.  It may depend on the bogofilter configuration or the Evolution configuration.  I discovered it in two ways.  One - the Evolution FAQ says that there is a difference between "identified as spam" and "learned as spam".  Two - the output of bogoutil, which I posted in my previous message.  When I receive, filter, and view a message, wordlist.db does not change until I manually press Junk or not Junk.

Then, if you take a ham message and click "Junk" the message is removed
from the DB as ham and reclassified as spam.  Alternatively, if you take
a spam message and click "Not Junk", the message is removed from the DB
as spam and reclassified as ham.

This is a minor detail, but technically, that's not true.  In case anyone cares:

I tagged a message as Junk, and then ran "bogoutil -d .bogofilter/wordlist.db | sort > w1".  Then, I in my Junk folder, I tagged the message as Not Junk, which moved it back to my Inbox.  Then, I ran "bogoutil -d .bogofilter/wordlist.db | sort > w2".  Then I compared "w1" to "w2", and the differences were all like this:

< .MSG_COUNT 465 925 20090311
> .MSG_COUNT 465 926 20090311

< Inethic 1 0 20090311
> Inethic 1 1 20090311


In other words, the ham count went up by one for each word in the email, but the spam count did not go down by one.  The message was counted as both ham and spam.

I think I'll stop worrying about this for now, unless anyone has any better suggestions.


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