Re: [Evolution] Junk handling wishlist

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

Have you read ?

Yes.  It says:

Note: "Learn", not identify. Messages are learned either by manually
classifying them, or if a certain threshold is reached (which is more
extreme than the line between Spam and Ham).

That's exactly the distinction I'm talking about.

Patrick wrote:
2. It should be easy to make sure that I train my spam filter with
every single email that I receive.

If it's being junk-filtered, the filter is being trained.

A message can be filtered but not trained.  Or, to use the terminology
in the FAQ, a message can be identified as spam but not trained as spam.

2a. For the messages outside of my Junk folder, can the user
show the status - Not Junk or Unknown?

If it's not in the Junk folder, it's not Junk.

When I see an old message in some folder other than the Junk folder, I
know that one of three things has happened.  Either:

1. bogofilter said the message was 100% ham, and the message was
2. bogofilter said the message was 50% ham, and then I clicked "Not
   and the message was learned.
3. bogofilter said the message was 50% ham, and the message has not been

I want the user interface to identify "Not Junk" messages (types 1 and
2) and "Unknown" messages (type 3).  The interface should discourage
me from clicking "Not Junk" (again) on messages of type 1 and 2, and
it should discourage me from deleting messages of type 3 without first
clicking "Not Junk".  This seems like a fairly basic requirement for
spam handling.  I've used Thunderbird a little bit, and I've used
Apple Mail a little bit, and I think that they both do it.  I think
they color-code the message headers.  I assumed that Evolution can do
this too, somehow.  Can't it?


2c. When I do "Check for Junk" (or the check happens automatically)
and Evolution moves a message to the Junk folder, can it train the
message as Junk while moving it?

That's what it does. Do you have an indication that that isn't

Yes.  First, I run "bogoutil -d .bogofilter/wordlist.db | grep
and it says:
.MSG_COUNT 430 919 20090309

Then, I go to evolution, select a new message, and do "Check for
Junk".  Evolution moves the message into my junk folder.  Then I run
the bogoutil command again, and it still says "430 919".

Thanks for any help.

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