[Evolution] Saving my Inbox mail from loss when Evolution migrated to sqlite

Hi. Please I need a little help. Recently I moved my mail folders from mozilla mail to evolution (I like that evolution places the timezone in a reply when quoting). Today I upgrade the evolution packages and it seems that in switching the folders to sqlite *all* of the mail that I had stored in my inbox (for quite some time now) is gone. I've shutdown and restarted evolution and when I do, the Inbox folder shows a number of unread e-mails (487) but when I click on the Inbox folder it shows nothing. I'm hoping that all of my mail is actually still there. Please, any help in recovering my mail, if possible, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BTW, I fired up mozilla mail to write this e-mail and have shutdown evolution to not cause any further problems. Please help. Thanks.

José Alburquerque

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