Re: [Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines

On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 02:11:42PM +0100, Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
2009/3/9 Michael A. Gilchrist <mikeg utk edu>:

I am trying to use evolution for its calendar features.  I don't need
anything fancy, but I do need the ability to use the same calendar on
multiple machines.  I keep machines in sync using unison and I am syncing my
~/.evolution folder.

Being a newbie and not wanting to use an online service, I set my calendars
up as "On this computer".

Being a newbie is no shame, but how come you don't want to use an online
service? And what exactly do you mean by an online service? If you should be
able to sync your computers, then you'd have to connect to some sort of service
and it should be online, shouldn't it?

Not necessarily, both computers sound as if they might well be
connected to the same LAN.  Even if not it's perfectly possible that
one (the laptop) will connect directly across the internet to the
other (presumably a desktop machine).

If you mean that you want to run your online services yourself, then I agree;
it's really nice to own and control your own data. Setting up shared calendars
and contacts is possible using OpenLDAP and Darwin Calendar Server,
for instance,
but it does require some work. Using SyncEvolution, Genesis and Funambol,
however, is really easy. An added benefit from using Funambol, is that you'll
automatically be able to sync your mobile phone as well, which is nice.

That's an over complex approach to the problem, it's do-able but not
ideal.  Since both 'ends' are using Evolution it should be possible to
share files directly.

Funambol is the service and Genesis is a GUI for SyncEvolution, which actually
performs the sync between evolution and funambol. You can experiment with and then, if you want, download and install it yourself.
It's free software. :)

Funambol is *huge* and a real can of worms for a beginner.

I don't know if sharing the .evolution folder is a good idea.

If Evolution does the right things then this is by far the easiest way
to do things.  However if Evoltion doesn't know about such an approach
then I agree it may well not work.

Chris Green

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