[Evolution] Calendar sharing/synchronizing between two linux machines linked to the same wifi hub

Hi Folks,

Odd question: How might I go about sharing, or even synchronizing,
Evolution calendars on two machines here at home? I have one laptop that
I use for most personal stuff, as well as for professional activities. I
have a second, older laptop dedicated to ham-radio activities. And I
run Evolution no both.

I'd like to be able to get reminders of any event on either machine,
but without having to manually reenter everything. Both share the same
wifi hub; and I have been able to swap files using SSH. So I may be
part way to my goal already.

I suppose I could copy the calendar material from one machine to the
other periodically. But I suspect there may be a better way. 

Any thoughts? I'm using Evo 2.26.1 on each machine, with Ubuntu 9.04
(32 bit) on the old machine, and 9.04 (64-bit) on the newer laptop.

With best regards,


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