Re: [Evolution] Not displaying some mails unless "all message headers" is checked (Evolution 2.26)

* Joost Kraaijeveld <J Kraaijeveld Askesis nl> wrote:


I am experiencing problems with the email of some people. 

In both the preview and the full view after double clicking on the
message the window only displays "Formatting Message..." and the status
bar (on the bottom of the evolution window) displays "Verifying message
(0% complete)".

Changing the focus in the preview mode to another mail I get a very
short flash with some red text, which I suspect to be the message I
actually want to see.

Checking "View->All Message Headers" displays the message but it says in
red text "Error verifying signature. Canceled." (typo not mine ;-))

I suspect it it has something to do with the signature in the email,
which appears to be a "detached OpenPGP signature attachment". Is this a
Evolution problem or is this something else? If so, what could it be and
can I somehow make it work?

I am using Evolution on a Debian Squeeze (testing) AMD64

 If this is happening on only one message with a GPG/PGP mime signature
attachment most likely something to do with characters in the message 
is causing it to hang or corrupted. See if you can turn off the preview
pane and save the message to a text file. As a last resort you can move 
/usr/bin/gpg to /usr/bin/gpg-temp and open the message wher gpg processing
of the message will fail. Then you will have to move gpg-temp back to gpg. 
 If this is a gpg encrypted message you will have to try and decrypt it
using gpg from the command line so you can read the output from the program.

 I have dealt with a numbers of these on my mac. 

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