Re: [Evolution] Filter rule


Am Donnerstag, den 09.07.2009, 16:52 -0400 schrieb Joshua Tarplin:
I'm using Evo on OpenSuSE 11.1, and I'm trying to create a
filter that sends ALL mail to the Junk Mail folder EXCEPT those items
from people in my Contact List.

the first reaction when I read your mail was laughing - kind of a
drastic measure to call everything junk except stuff sent by your
contacts. Well, it's late and I had 4 bears, somewhat over the
limit. :-))

Any ideas or suggestions?

Just an idea: You can export a contact list as vcf file and parse those
files for the email addresses and then integrate those into
~/.evolution/mail/filters.xml. Try write a perl script that does that or
write an evolution plugin. 
Just an idea.


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