Re: [Evolution] empty Inbox

On Mon, 2009-01-05 at 14:43 +0330, Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh wrote:
For do it,I purges evolution from machine & then installed it on my
machine.But i can't see inbox.Even i create backup before purge,and
after installation i restore my backup.
Even i importet my inbox file in kmail & saw my emails.
My solution: i think that i must create an index file.But i don'
t know create index file for inbox folder.
Please help me.....

what's your Evolution version? In case it's 2.24.x, try to delete
folders.db file somewhere in ~/.evolution/mail/local (I guess you meant
Inbox under 'On This Computer'), then run Evolution.

Just in case, try to look at Junk and/or Trash folder, maybe those mails
got marked as junk/deleted accidentally?

Maybe, try also one thing, copy your mbox file to some directory,
say /tmp/mbox/my.mbox (rename it to my.mbox). Then create an account
(Edit->Preferences->Accounts->Add) in Evolution of type "Standard Unix
mbox spool file", pointing to the /tmp/mbox/my.mbox. After that you
should see new account in the folders tree, hopefully with your mails.

        Hope that helps,

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