[Evolution] Misbehaving Junk filter


I recently upgraded to Linux Mint 6 and reinstalled Evolution (2.24.2).
I also combined 3 home folders, so I would have only one HOME for all
distributions - perhaps will regret it. After some trial and error I got
my existing mail & folders to show up as it used to be.

Then I added a mail account.( as they didn't arrive with the mail)

The first mail account I added seemed OK (no send/rcv yet). I then tried
to change my sort folder filters to sub-sort on a previous sort folder &
it wouldn't for some reason - but so what. I deleted the failed searches
and seemed to have the system in a 'Nothing changed" state.

 I then added a 2nd mail account and did Send/Rcv.
*** Now all mail filters to JUNK. 

I figured I should have restarted or something, so I deleted the "new"
mail, emptied the trash, and restarted. (I always flag new installs to
leave mail on the server) 

        Problem -- How do I get evolution to reload mail from the
        servers that it thinks it already has.

Perhaps I could just reinstall, but there must be a more elegant
solution. I guess if the filters are messed up I should reinstall
I didn't get a "back-up" from my previous install, but did one after the
mis-sort to junk after deleting the mail. If I were to remove and
reinstall evolution, using the back-up, would this keep the flags set
and prevent retrieving the "deleted mail"?

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