[Evolution] Problems with Linux Version

Using Evolution 2.24.3 in Ubuntu.

Several problems:

1.  When I open Evolution, I get on the left side the folders I expect
-- Inbox, Sent, etc. -- but I also get a series of blank folder icons
that do nothing but take up space.  There's about nine of them.  I can't
delete them, as far I as I can see.  How can I address this problem?

2.  In addition to my email, I have a USENET account set up for reading
news.  I can do everything I need, except create a new news message.
When I click on New at the top of the screen, I get a screen that is
identical to the screen I get when create a new e-mail message.  I enter
the name of the newsgroup into the To: field, but an error results --
it's likely looking for an e-mail address.  How do I create a new news

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Jeffrey Needle
jeff needle gmail com

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